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using traditional advertising methods to help you grow


Advertising Services


We work with our clients to develop strategic advertising and marketing initiatives that fit into your brand schedule. Our philosophy engages simple marketing techniques that build upon your brand, products and service image while providing prolonged results.


Tracking statistics and campaign analytics are important to us. We aim to engage in marketing options that are measurable so that we can provide continually improved results over time.


TV Advertising


Magnolias video production services utilize industry best practices to plan, shoot and edit video to be used for corporate, teaching, social and advertising purposes.


Radio Advertising


Magnolias works with our clients to create radio advertising audio as part of overall marketing campaigns. Our audio production services will help develop and record the content copy to fit within the brand schedule.



Online Advertising


Online advertising and retargeting has become a cost-effective way to reach your customers for both subconscious and inbound campaigns. Through our digital marketing services, we will help you design, implement and run Google Adwords, social, retargeting and email marketing campaigns.



Billboard Advertising


Billboard advertising can be useful for subconscious advertising campaigns. Adding touchpoints with potential customers. We work with our clients to develop the marketing graphics required, and that adhere to your overall strategy. 


Print Advertising


Traditional print advertising still has its place in an overall marketing campaign, when dealing with some key target demographics. We will work with you to develop the marketing copy to implement print advertising content that fits within the overall strategy and branding plan.

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