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sales and networking support to help your business grow


We use our documented network of business owners and managers to increase your own network and sales. We help to connect you with potential clients and investors when required. 

Expansion Techniques

Our team works with our clients to expand their businesses. We can help with things such as starting up entities and subsidiaries in foriegn countries, global office strategiesfranchising strategies and much more. Upon meeting with your management and assessing your plan to expand, we will be able to make suggestions about how we can help.

Company Presentations

We offer a comprehensive marketing and branding portfolio of products. We are able to handle your branding from everything from your website to your business cards.

We specialize to helping to create Company Brochures, Project  Quality Plans (PQP) and Pre-Qualification documentation profiles. 

Company Event Planning

Company events are a cost effective way to boost employee moral and exploit networking opportunities; however, they are often overlooked or left on the back-burner due to a lack of budget and time to plan.

Let one of our team event planners offer a free consultation to see if we can help. Our simplified strategies can offer you planned company events within your budget and parameters.

Sales and Networking.

Our team uses its business experience and comprehensive network to help your company achieve it's sales goals through outsourced business development services. Sales and cash-flow is the most important part of any business and is the underlining goal of every business decision that we make. Our aim is to help you develop and expand your bottom line.


We also help you develop your internal systems and online presence to drive your business pre-qualifications and ultimately the bids that come to your business.


After the performance of a company gap-analysis, we will identify and help you develop a strategic plan and performance indicators to drive us forward.


We offer to help connect you with the right people in the right places, both within our own network and outside of it. We will set up a plan that works within your specifications.

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