Roxdale Gardens and Shops at Roxdale

Roxdale Gardens and Shops at Roxdale represent a master planned community and commercial complex south of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Two new websites were created and unified with the brand of the development company responsible for this project – CancomR Corporation.

We sat down at the beginning of the project and evaluated the various customer avatars that would potentially buy and invest in this development. This first step helped to identify the exact social and online platforms required to get in front of the right customers with minimal ad waste.

In addition, we utilized exciting new technology to geo-fence and capture remarketing audiences from businesses and economic ripples surrounding the development. These ads served as the foundation of the campaign and lead generation required to start pre-selling the project.

The creation of geo-fencing and hyper demographic strategies to effectively get in front of the potential customers who work near these developments just south of Edmonton, Alberta.

Geofencing Services of Real Estate Development

Effective creative video media bought a 145% increase in lead generation compared to previous projects. The video was used on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn remarketing campaigns.

Roxdale Hype Video Rendering used for Remarketing

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