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web and social advertising to boost your overall web strategy


Digital Advertising


Magnolias work with our clients to develop digital advertising and retargeting strategies for Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other related social mediums. We do not outsource any of our digital advertising activities, managing them from our office in Edmonton, Alberta.


Our goal is to create effective subconscious and inbound strategies that adhere to a touchpoint threshold for your business. We try not to complicate things any further than that. We then provide you with measured results that drive sales to your business.




Magnolias digital marketing team all agrees on one thing, “what is not measured, cannot be improved”.


Website and Social Analytics is about business decision-making. It’s about finding opportunities to reduce costs, increase revenues, and mitigate risk.


Our theories relate around how you turn your analytics into more leads for your business; however, we don’t stop there, seeking to find new ways to make better websites and social content for your branding processes.


If you have ever actually tried to measure the effectiveness of online marketing efforts yourself,  you know it can often feel overwhelming and complex.  We want to work with you to explain the different factors and terms and show you how they relate to your business. As we help make changes to your SEO and social content , we want to be able to show you exactly how these changes are making a difference.


We also want to report to you on the following key performance indicators or on others as related to your business scope of work:


  • Conversion Rate.

  • PPC Conversion.

  • Average Visit Duration.

  • Days & Visits To Sales Lead.

  • Visitor Loyalty & Visitor Frequency.

  • Task Completion Rate.

  • Share of Search.


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