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helping you manage your online business presence


Magnolias offers management of social media, website content, search engine optimization, google maps optimization and digital advertising. Based out of our offices in Edmonton, Alberta, we use industry best practices to help our clients from around the world maintain their digital presence.


Creating high organic digital rankings is paramount among our offerings. We want to take you through the benefits of having high-value web content and explain some of the factors that will help your business appear higher in search results. Our goal is to help your business add more valuable leads into its sales pipeline.


A modern online presence no longer means you only have a website and Facebook page; at the same time, we believe in a simple uncomplicated approach to digital marketing.


Your modern presence includes basic items such as a website, social pages and search engine optimization (SEO). But it also includes other less know items such as Google maps optimization (GMO), review management, social advertising and digital monitoring software. We are eager to take you through and explain our digital philosophy.


At Magnolias, we do everything possible to stay ahead of the curve. This is why we invested in proprietary Magnolias digital monitoring software to help you better understand how your online presence is working.


We also offer advanced tracking and monitoring to all of our clients to ensure your online budget is creating conversions that matter to your business.


A Simple, Effective, Digital Presence.

A modern business requires a strong digital presence to get noticed. Your website or social profiles is now typically your first point of contact with your customers... and first impressions matter.