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getting and managing the documentation that your business needs

Tracking your docs

Template Business Documents


Magnolias have a database of over 5,000 business forms and documents needed to run a business. We have documents such as confidentiality agreements, sale contracts,  shareholders agreements, employment agreements and much more. All of these documents are available to our clients through our various services.


Documentation Management


Documentation of company systems and files can sometimes be left on the back-burner. Our documentation specialists support our clients by coming to work every day with a professional appearance and aptitude. They are internally trained by Magnolias to understand how to manage company systems and pre-qualification programs such as ISNET World, ComplyWorks, Avetta and Client-Driven Software. They will manage these systems for you to help save you time, and make sure your companies due diligence and documentation is up to date.


Project Documentation Turnover


Sometimes as much a 20% of a contract will be held back in the turnover documentation of a project. Turnover represents many companies profit margin for a project. This is why we have a team of turnover specialists that are sent to support our clients through this process. Our team is able to handle and implement industrial QA/QC document turnover solutions so that you do not have to worry about getting paid at the end of your project. Contact us to discuss the scope of the project and let us propose one of our experienced team members to come help your company and project team out.


Documentation Storage and Security


Magnolias have some highly recognized and experienced network security management individuals within its team. Let us meet with you, to evaluate your companies needs and make a proposal that fits your organization.

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