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How to take your business Global?

Turning your business from a local family company into a international conglomerate is not an overnight dealing. It takes meticulous planning and a knowledge of the global business and taxation policies. 

We can help employ countless strategies to turn your company international and have helped our clients start subsidiary and operating companies around the world.

Once we meet and go through your expansion plan and strategy we can make suggestions on the best and most cost effective ways to keep your companies brand and move it throughout the world.

Cultural Research

One of the biggest reasons that companies fail when expanding internationally is that they do not understand the new business and customer cultures in different parts of the world. 

We conduct research and implement cultural expansion strategies for our clients in a way to minimize the cultural impact on operations. We also will do a in depth analysis of market conditions in the region so that you know exactly how much to pay your key employees and new hires in the areas including indicators such as salary, pay structure, living out allowance (LOA), cost of living allowances, rental costs and more.

How to set up Global offices?

We also offer programs on how to expand your company to a range of global offices. We have a database of introductory office suites and packages around the world that we can recommend or negotiate leases on your behalf. We do not act on behalf of the real estate brokers which gives you peace of mind that we are negotiating to get you the best deals internationally. 

Let our team research, propose and implement a plan to save your company time and money in the long run, and to keep you focused on the operational tasks at hand.


the "big leap" in your entrepreneurial journey

Taking your business into new territories.

We have experience with our clients worldwide helping them to expand their global office base, expanding to new countries and franchising their business.


Business expansion is often a stressful time, stepping out into uncharted territory. We aim to make the expansion transition as easy as possible by allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations as the strategic plan gets implemented.

We will also work to make sure the appropriate cultural and market research is implemented to make sure all expansion plans are executed with minimal issues. 

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