Magnolias Business Brokers. Whether you reside in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, or rural areas, our team will meet with you to discuss buying or selling a business. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions: How to sell a business? How to buy a business? Due diligence checklist for purchasing a business? Where to find money to buy a business? We offer full business broker and agent services to help you purchase or sell a business within Canada.

We can help.

We strive every day to match investors with business owners looking to sell. Our goal is to put the right people in the room so that everyone wins, including the business itself.  

We offer a wide range of services to make sure all your pre-purchase due diligence, negotiating, pre-screening, market research and prospecting is taken care of. Allowing you to make an educated decision for all of your purchases.

Information for business buyers and investors looking to buy a business in Western Canada. Due diligence and business listings available. Magnolias Business Brokers will provide expert business purchase knowledge and ensure the buyer has all the information needed to make a educated purchase decision. We have business purchase due diligence checklists to help make sure nothing is missed during the sale process.

Wasting Time is not an Option.

Magnolias Business Brokers will only list businesses that have owners that are ready to sell, that are profitable and that have a upside to them. In todays world everyone has no time, and we know as entrepreneurs and investors, your time is valuable. We do everything that we can to save you time, but most importantly to not waste any of it.

If you value time the same way we do, contact us, we love to meet business owners and investors and expand our networks in mutually beneficial ways.

Our Listings.

We take time to source out our listings. Currently, we post and list businesses throughout Western Canada, including cities such as: Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Vancouver,  Victoria, Kelowna, Regina and Saskatoon.

This does not encapsulate our entire scope though. If you are looking for a business in a specific area of the country or in a specific industry, let us know. We will use our network to poke around and see who might be thinking about selling.

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