Magnolias Business Brokers. Whether you reside in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, or rural areas, our team will meet with you to discuss buying or selling a business. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions: How to sell a business? How to buy a business? Due diligence checklist for purchasing a business? Where to find money to buy a business? We offer full business broker and agent services to help you purchase or sell a business within Canada.

Our goal.

Our goal is to sell your business quickly, but have enough time to attract the buyers willing to pay for your value you have accumulated in your business over time. Every buyer values different items of a business, so we want to help you make your business as buyer friendly as possible before listing it. To do this we will go through our pre-sale due diligence checklist with you and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Then we will list and present your business to the market in a way that will get you the value that your business is worth.

Magnolias Business Brokers look for business owners looking to get a free business evaluation / listing and are ready to sell their business. Headquartered in Edmonton, AB with business service reach across Canada. Businesses for sale in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Vancouver, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon and rural Western Canada. We offer business consulting services and free business listings / classified postings to our clients.

Tell us the Story.

Contact us at anytime to share your story and your business. Selling a business is a process that does not happen overnight. The process of preparing a business for sale can take between 1 all the way to 24 months. Selling a business has a similar timeline. Because of this it is important to start planning a sale early. Putting your business up for sale is a difficult and important decision. It is our job to make the process of sale as smooth and painless as possible.

What We Ask For

In the beginning, we will not ask you to fill out any forms, not ask you to send us any information, we will not even ask you to know truly if you are ready to sell.

All we want to do is meet you and to hear your story. In the end we strive to see business owners receive fair value for the business they dedicated their life too.

Once you have finalized your decision to  sell, we will begin the pre-sale due diligence and evaluation. We want to identify places of improvement but also make sure everyone is on the same page prior to listing the business.

There are a couple of essential things that we will need as we begin the evaluation process:

  1. Financial statements for the last three years. (If you do not have all 3, we will work with what you have in the interim)

  2. Your current lease or property report of the property the business operates on.

  3. Copies of Franchise, License, Supplier, or any business agreement where value can be seen by buyers.

  4. A List of assets, equipment and inventory that will be included in the purchase price.

  5. Lastly, please provide a brief write up about your business scope, what has made your business successful and the reason for selling.

Frequent Questions

1) I do not have time to sell my business while it is still running, are you able to handle the entire sales process?


Yes and No. Magnolias Business Brokers can handle making pre-sale material, business systems, procedures, marketing, sales meetings, pre-screening buyers, negotiations... But in the end the business owner still has to be present  during the closing stages of the sale. 


2) Where do you find buyers from? Do you qualify them to prevent wasted time and tire kickers?


Magnolias Business Brokers maintains a proprietary list of business brokers, buyers, investors and private equity houses. We use this list, as well as subscription based programs to seek out potential buyers for your business. 


We qualify every buyer before they receive your company non-disclosure agreement. We want to make sure the buyers intentions and means of payment are feasible before your business information will ever be in their hands. 


3) Do you prepare sales documentation and marketing material? 


Magnolias Business Brokers will market and create a overview bundle for your business on retainer. We also offer full contingency options and packages to choose from, if you are uncomfortable with a retainer.


Essentially, we want to sell your business, and are willing to work within your parameters to do so!

4) How can I increase the value of my business before a sale?


Magnolias Business Brokers is a part of Magnolias Consulting Group. Our group specializes in increasing the value of your business through sales, business development, expansion, client list development and company system creation. Upon our introduction meeting and pre-sale due diligence, we will offer possible areas in which value can be improved and explain the different areas of the business that buyers see value in.


5) Will I have to work at the business to transition it once the sale goes through?


Typically, a owner will be asked to stay in the business for 6-12 months to help transition it over to the new owners; however, this number varies widely and is often a negotiating point during a sale.


6) Will I have to sign a non-compete when I sell the business?


Yes, No, Maybe. It will depend on the nature of your business, timing, the industry and the business environment of the sale. 

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