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Magnolias Angel Investing Group. is a angel investing service that operates with a network of investors throughout Canada. Whether you reside in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, or rural areas our team will meet with you to discuss your idea. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions: How will I finance my new business idea? Where to find investors in Canada? Where to find small business investors? What are angel Investors? Angel Investors Canada,  Angel Investors Edmonton, Angel Investors Calgary, Angel Investors Toronto, Angel Investors Alberta, Angel Investors Vancouver. Where to find money for my business idea? How to find investors for my small business? Whom to talk to about my small business? Who to talk to about my business idea? Should I discuss my business idea with others? Where to find money for business in Canada? How to get a loan for my business idea? How to get a loan for my small business? How to get money through angel investing? How to get a loan from angel investors? How to find angel investors, Canada, Edmonton, Calgary? Best places to start my new business? New business ideas mentors. Where to find a business mentor? Business mentor Edmonton. Business mentor Calgary. Top angel investing companies in Canada. Best angel investing companies in Canada. Small business loans Canada. Small business loans Edmonton. Small business loans Calgary. Small business loans Vancouver. Small business loans Toronto. Find a business partner. How to find a business partner? how to find investors for my business. Business investment companies in, Edmonton, Alberta, Calgary, Canada, Vancouver, Toronto. How to make my idea  reality? Who to talk to about my business? Staring my business in Canada. How to move my business to Canada.


Our Magnolias Angel Investing team is made up of investors throughout Canada who are ready to invest in new and exciting ideas and startups. If you are looking at options for investors to bring onto your team, we can assure you that we do not invest and then walk away. We want to offer our support where ever we can, while allowing you to manage the business. Our goal is to become integrated as part of your team, providing our networks and experience to help the business idea blossom quickly.



Magnolias Angel Investing Group puts focus on investments in new technologies, innovative ideas, green energies, IT solutions and technology-based applications; however, we are open to hear the ideas and provide feedback for, any new business idea. We look forward to hearing yours.


Is your idea the next big business idea. It could be! As you develop and tweak your idea, make your business plan and form your business, making sure you have the proper finances to succeed is important.


Telling people about your idea is not always bad. It allows you to gain feedback on the concept. it is also a time where you can contact investors.


After contacting investors, you have to work even harder to make sure your plan and idea is refined to where you are happy; however, this will never be the final change, ideas have to be dynamic.


Time to present your idea to investors and colleagues. This is your chance to show what a great idea you have formulated. Do not be surprised to hear constructive feedback, which is just another step in the process.

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