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5 Keys to Pre-Qualifying for work in the Oil and Gas Industry in Canada

November 1, 2016

Whether you are a new business or an experienced contractor, pre-qualifying with larger oil and gas companies can be difficult if you do not have the appropriate systems in place. Magnolias Group will work with our clients to make sure that they are fully prepared for when an opportunity comes up, because if you are not, you run the risk of losing out on work that you should have gotten.


This being said, you can still do some things to prepare:


1. Sign up for Pre-Qualification and Audit Sites


Be prepared for when clients ask you for your contractor audit site credentials, If you have to move fast on getting work and the sites are not already managed, you may not pass internal client requirements in time.


ISNet World, Comply Works and Avetta are the three main contractor compliance sites that are used by the companies in Canada. If you are set up and in compliance with the sites internal ranking systems, you are prepared for when clients may need your services. 


2. Prepare an all-inclusive Sample RFQ


Every single Request for Quote (RFQ) is different; however, they all have the same basic material within them. Going through and preparing a sample all inclusive package, that includes all possible required information is not a waste of time. When a real RFQ comes, you can quickly pick the required documents from your sample one, and submit them in your proposal very quickly.


Magnolias RFQ checklists are an easy way for our clients to make sure they are prepared for when clients come calling.


3. Maintain Company Systems


Creation and Implementation of Company Systems and Programs is one of the main services that Magnolias supplies to are clients. This is because in order to properly qualify  it is mandatory to have the appropriate systems in place to operate, maintain quality and keep workers safe. If a client is going to take a risk on you, and offer potential work, they want to make sure that your company has put the appropriate procedures in place to mitigate risk to the client and project.


Typical Company Systems that are set up include Quality Management Systems, Health and Safety Systems, Environmental Systems and Standard Operating Procedures.


4. Pursue Company Certifications


Next it is important to stand out from you competition, getting certifications is one way to do this. You can have all the company systems and policies in the world, but if they are not being used, then what is the point. Certifications from third party agencies help to prove that you are in compliance and using your developed systems. 


For example, most companies will look that your Quality Management System is certified with ISO 9001:2015, or that your H&S System is certified to Provincial Certificate of Recognition (COR) Standards. Developing your systems and then following through with the appropriate certification, will help you pre-qualify and increase the value of your business.


5. Maintain Network and Business Relationships


Maintain your network. Even if the economy is slow, or you are in a period of no work, you can still maintain your network and business contacts. This is important to remain on client RFQ lists. Many times companies are not sure when a client RFQ will be sent out, but when they are, it will only  be to the list of companies within that clients database. Make sure you are on that list and within the database to avoid missing out on bidding opportunities.


If you have any further questions about this information, or are interested to set up your own pre-qualification and systems documentation, feel free to contact Magnolias at anytime for a free no obligation consultation discussion.



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