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Benefits of Becoming COR Certified

November 14, 2016


Health and Safety Management Systems (H&S) can be certified to COR or Certificate of Recognition certification in Canada to provide great benefits for the company getting certified. COR recognizes that your company Health and Safety Management System has been evaluated by a certified auditor and found to meet partnerships standards from the Province in question. 


Effective health and safety management systems have been shown to have an impact on reducing injuries; however, in order to be effective, they must have the entire company both understanding and following the system procedures. 


One of the quickest benefits of achieving and maintaining a valid COR is earning a financial incentive through your companies WCB rate premium discounts, in participating Provinces.


In-addition it is now un-common for a contractor to be able to pre-qualification with large commercial and industrial clients without having a COR certified system. 


Other company benefits of COR include, but are not limited too:


  • Keep employees safe by recognizing dangers before they happen,

  • Can lead to better safety performance statistics, helpful during the qualification process with potential clients,

  • Increase company image to potential and current employees, helps become a destination where skill professionals want to work,

  • Increases public image of your company, people have assurances that your stance on Health and Safety is strong,

  • Protecting your company by having proper due diligence / documentation in place in case of an accident or incident.


It is not to be overlooked, that protecting employees and doing everything possible to prevent any safety incidents is to main goal of any Health and Safety System.


If your company is looking for a Health and Safety partner to help implement or improve an existing system, our team and network of NSCO's and safety certified professionals can help with this process. Contact us today if you require any additional information on how we can help.

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