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5 Reasons Blogs are Still Important to Your Business

November 30, 2016

Blogs have fell behind its social media counterparts over the last couple of years; however, there is still value in having one. They can provide your business with ways to increase brand awareness, feature services that are offered and offer insights to customers.


Blogs are also the starting point for social information. Many businesses still start with a blog post that is blasted out to all other Social sites. This is not the only way to do it, but by doing so, it does provide some positive benefits for your business.


We have compiled 5 Reasons Blogs are Still Important to Your Business:


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Blogs are great places to build up webpage links, create more indexed pages, build up keyword content and offer reciprocal links. This is all to provide an easy way for you to boost your SEO of your business. Your Webmaster tools will show how your blog affects your website traffic, almost always in a positive manner.


2. Drives Traffic: 

Blogs help you to drive traffic to the services and products that you want to focus on. It also helps to drive targeted customers to your website. By linking your other website services pages within blog posts you are able to funnel customers to the pages they are most likely to contact you about.


3. Digital Marketing Channel:

Blog posts are often the base for targeted social media posts. A blog post link can help to both target customers through these offerings but also help buildup your websites back-links, very quickly. If you post your blog post link to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WeChat, and pictures to Instagram and Pinterest, you have created 6 quick links pointing to your site and boosting your SEO.


4. Blogs are Easy to Launch and Maintain:

There is so many Blog tools and plugins now that it is quite easy to implement one into your existing company site. Maintaining a blog is even easier, most individuals with the ability to use Microsoft Word are able to handle blog posting pages. In addition, almost all of the major blogs have mobile applications to make posting on the go both easy and fun.


5. Keep your Employees Busy:

Have you ever heard an employee ask you for something to do, sometime you will have a task, but if you do not, you do not want the employee to sit around. Blogs provide something to kill downtime that marginally (sometimes largely) increase the value of your business post-by-post. Getting social followers, and potential leads, all equals value that your company is accumulating... and your employees will always have something to do!


Did these 5 reasons provide you with the motivation to start a blog of your own? Get in touch with us if you need any marketing insights on blogs, or require any additional information.

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