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Do I Need a Mobile App for my Business?

December 2, 2016

With two million-plus apps on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, app development is still attracting a lot of mobile-app developers, most of them hoping to win the lottery of being a discovered app in the haystack.


Why? Because there is still room for more.


We at Magnolias do not always focus on the "Big Ideas". We rather look at applications focusing on productivity, value and internal applications. For example, would it help to have a mobile application where your employees could login, have access to all of their working documents, project files, to do lists, internal messaging system, and more? Sure, it definitely might. 


Now is this different then having a online portal. In many ways no, it is not. But in some ways yes, it is. Today technology is moving very quickly, it is hard to keep up. Making business technology easy for employees to use is paramount to its success. Training is always required, but if you can make the application easy to access, use and understand, the overall success rate of the system will increase, and long-term cost of maintenance and training will decrease.


In many ways we believe that workplace applications make it more fun to work, both within and after hours. Lifestyle Integration becomes extremely useful in a world were flex hours and paid employee vacations is becoming the norm. User interaction and usability is vital to making employees stay motivated and productive in the workplace.



What about just having a mobile application to showcase your business, its services, its job postings, its news, its mission. We believe there is value in this aswell. Finding new ways to interact with customers, employees and stakeholders is valuable. This is not just about driving traffic to a companies website, and boosting SEO through back-links and interactions (though, it is a byproduct of the applications). It is about building your company brand, creating a customer following and database and expanding in positive ways that is keep up and in many ways, pass the competition.


Just imagine downloading a companies application on your phone, signing up for notifications, making an account, and then receiving push notifications of project news and job offerings. Can you see the value in this from both the customers / business standpoints?


If you are interested in talking about your software or application needs, we are open to both suggestions, innovative things that you have seen, innovative things that your business has done (we will help showcase it for you), or simply speaking about your businesses needs. Lets Talk, contact us!



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