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How we Manage your Project

December 8, 2016


Magnolias project management teams fall into 2 categories: IT / Software and Construction Management. These are two very different categories that our company undertakes in, it takes us having the proper people in place to manage these projects to create success. This being said, the processes that we use for all projects that we undertake is very similar.


1. Project Discussion and Requirements

The requirements and scope for a project will be carefully examined by our team, whom will perform a discovery analysis schedule to identify the requirements of what needs to be done. During this phase, our team will look into current company infrastructure, current requirements, future requirements, specification and municipality restrictions and scheduling. We do this to ensure everyone is on the same page, and that the project is feasible.


2. Finalize Project Scope and Agreements


During this stage, following discovery / gap analysis of the project, we will define the project scope and line items required. If our proposal is accepted, and agreements are finalized, then we will begin to work on the project execution plans.


3. Project Planning and Quality Plan

A project plan, schedule and project quality plan (PQP) will be completed prior to starting the project. Also this is the time that the Health and Safety procedures applicable to the project are implemented and discussed with all project personnel.


4. Project Execution


Getting the project finished on time, and budget, but also with no Safety Incidents, is very important to us.


Our company resources, project tasks and operational team are distributed and informed of responsibilities. 


Once the project has begun, project managers or team leads will compare project status and progress to the actual project plans that were created. We want to ensure our clients are informed of all major progress measures in the plans as they are completed. 


After project is completed, project turnover is presented to the client, and the client has approved the finished product, all corrective actions and lessons learned will be documented in Magnolias Quality System to ensure the continual improvement of our processes and operation.


Feel free to contact us at anytime if you are interested to talk more about our service offerings, or if you have a potential project you would like us to bid on.

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