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How to Improve your website SEO?

February 17, 2017

Magnolias Consulting Group works with our clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their websites and brand. We can run focus groups to look at the website layout and colors, we can develop your website pages to help push up your content and URI count, we can even build corporate videos and interactive media for your home page. 


Here is the thing, without optimizing your search parameters and keywords, none of it will matter. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is by far the most important... and it remains overlooked by many website owners. 


One of the problems with SEO, is what we like to call the "word-of-mouth effect". Everyone thinks that the SEO they are doing is right, because they heard it once from a friend. And with the absence of all of the information about how search engines operate, it can be hard to verify the facts.


At Magnolias, our methods are simple. We focus on the SEO knowledge that is verifiable and makes a immediate difference. Simple things like making sure you pages SEO Title, Descriptions and Keywords are completed. We will avoid duplication and and run analytic metrics on search terms your customers will use. Then we track all the changes and improvements in rankings in a way that is easy to understand and present to our clients.


Most of all, we explain why we are making changes. We want the website owners to be able to save time and maintain rankings. So we will teach them what to look for, where to make changes and what to do when creating or editing a page to match it up with the SEO.


We want to make things simple for all of our clients. Contact us and we will run a free SEO report on your website and your closest competitors. Then we will sit down with you and compare, with explanations, the outputs. Did we mention, it is FREE for us to do this! Our goal is to make our clients capitalize on online traffic as one of their website strengths, not as a website liability.


Before starting a project with a client we will look at the clients search statistics through the webmaster and analytics tools available, to set a baseline and goals for our services. This is an effort to provide the website owner with piece of mind, that what we are doing will be making a difference to their businesses sales and lead potential.



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