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How to make your resume stand out.

February 21, 2017

Today, almost everything related to applying for a job is done online. With the downturn in the economy in Western Canada, making your resume stand out is more important then ever.


Whether you are applying for a job in the oil field or a job in creative marketing. All resumes can be made to showcase your creativity, while still maintaining a professional appearance. 

We have put together a list of digital resume services that can help showcase your resume in a professional digital format without any special special knowledge or computer  technical skillsets.


Standard Resume


An easy format the does not break the traditional format; however, the program sets up the resume in simple and easy to read way, with good spacing and font selection.




CVmaker allows your to write professional resumes with its easy to use interface. It will adhere to the more traditional resume formats. 




Visual CV allows your to present your resume and portfolio in a creative and high impact way. If you are in a profession where showing your creativity is at a premium, then Visual CV is a good place to start, even if you are just looking for ideas.


Cake Resume


Cake Resume is one of our favorite tools. The simple drag and drop capability makes it easy for almost anyone to make a powerful and modern resume. It is a good option for someone looking to create a great resume that is either more conventional or a little bit outside the box.


My Perfect Resume


Another useful tool for a traditional resume. Can be useful to use if you are looking to get a traditional resume that has great spacing, font and formatting without having to do it all yourself from scratch.



With any resumes your goal should be to let your personality, experience and qualifications shine through in an easy-to-read format. Try to keep fancy fonts to a minimum, try to keep statements short and to the point and most of all keep your resume on point for the job that you are applying for. It is worth customizing the resume for each different position title you are applying for. 

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