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Bavaria Brad, the new standard in luxury car sales.

March 21, 2017

Brad Kerscher, a motivated entrepreneur, embedded car enthusiast and Bavaria BMW sales professional brings you the best of what the luxury car industry has to offer. His only purpose is to provide a truly next level customer service experience to customers from all walks of life, seeking the joys that often come with driving a BMW product. No longer will you have to settle for a mediocre car buying experience, but instead you can expect to be thoughtfully educated on the benefits of owning a BMW and purchasing from Bavaria Brad at Bavaria BMW.

It is no secret that the traditional business model in the car industry has failed us, all of us, consumers, sales professionals and critics alike. Inconvenient cold calls, high pressure sales and blanketed marketing campaigns fall short of 21st century expectations. As a result, Brad decided embrace change and boldly test out new methods to break through consumer sentiment and change the conversation around cars.


One of the first in the province to develop and promote a professionally sourced and furnished personal sales website ( The main intent is to provide customers with their own guru; from the home page onward customers will be quietly and calmly educated on the benefits of the BMW brand from Brads perspective, as well as be able to get an idea of the vehicle that best suits their needs. Bavaria Brad is here to help educate you as a buyer, so you become more informed and confident when seeking your next vehicle.

Second, by working with Bavaria Brad, clients will receive a curated experience that rewards them for their investment in his brand through the development of strategic partnerships with local, home grown businesses that have been made. Brad has aligned with strategic partners and local businesses to help offer rewards, incentives and discounts to his clients.

Lastly, as part of a social media campaign aimed at providing exciting new media for new and returning vehicle buyers, Bavaria Brad will be making available exclusive automotive content that truly can impact the lives of these discerning buyers, again ensuring they receive an automotive education and not just a sales pitch.

How to find or contact Brad:

Website @
Facebook @
Linkedin @
Instagram @ M4turish


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