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What is a LinkedIn Open Networker "LION"

March 22, 2017

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking and business development tools available. It is a platform that helps to find jobs, employees, clients and network. Many people in Canada and the USA have yet to buy into the open networking options developed within the LinkedIn community to help increase your personal and business outreach.


A "LION" or LinkedIn Open Networker basically means that you will accept every invitation to connect in an attempt to increase your network and follower count. Essentially this turns LinkedIn into a Twitter for your business network. While this may seem to hinder the branding of the professional network, and in many ways it does, it also allows you to create a powerful business and personal development tool that is currently not offered by any other platform.



Becoming and promoting that you are a "LION" does come with some personal branding hindrances in the current LinkedIn culture, but it can also provide benefits to help you expand your outreach quickly.


If becoming a "LION" is something that you are interested in, we have compiled a list of what you need to do and the benefits it entails:


1. Place "LION" in your headline or title.


This is a fairly straight forward one. It is important to tell other Open Networkers that you are open to the concept. Most people will put some sort of variation of LION at the end of their title heading.


2. Join Open Networking Groups.


There are a couple of Open Networking Groups on Linkedin. Joining these groups and being involved in the community will allow for you to find other networkers, while also allowing them to find you.


We have put together a list of a couple of the open networking groups on LinkedIn:



3. Message like minded members in your network.


Being a Open Networker will open up a new kind of marketing ability for you. Allowing you to message other networkers with what you do, or asking for help with sharing a new article or page. It is a network built on the idea of reciprocation.


4. Evaluate joining a Open Networker List.


Open Networker lists are designed to provide a way to quickly add and follow many people at once through importing CSV files into your contacts lists. We have created a list of some of the sites we found online that help with the process:



5. Generally post and interact with LinkedIn content.


As you start to develop your network, interacting with high value content can help magnify the results of your network expansion, allowing you to better get your articles and content out into the social platform and hopefully helping increase awareness about yourself, or your business.



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