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How Your Business Can Benefit from Content Creation and Marketing

May 13, 2017

Chew on this for a minute: on average, We are now spending approximately 70% of our waking time ingesting digital media, including audio, video, and photo content. 

And here you are, boldly attempting to get a slice of their attention with your content marketing campaign, competing with the barrage of information your future clients are constantly exposed to every day.


So how do you, as a business, wedge yourself into the conscious of your potential customers and capture their interest? Through clever content marketing, client understanding and market research, and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.


The foundation of any successful business brand is built upon client trust and value; a relationship that is created long before the client meets you in person or buys what you’re selling. And this is where content marketing becomes incredibly important.


While you are busy building relationships with your current clients, you must also utilize content marketing strategies to guide those potential customers through the entire process of the consumer journey, from not necessarily interested in purchasing what you are offering, establishing trust, and eventually meeting their needs, which leads to the sale or rendering of your goods and services.


The goal of your content creation and marketing strategy should be to satisfy the following points:


  • Cultivate trust and unity with current and future clients

  • Assert yourself as the expert in the industry

  • Summon new opportunities

  • Develop and nurture vital partnerships

  • Promote and sustain your brand image

  • Utilize SEO to broaden your reach

  • Communicate regularly with clients to earn reliable customer retention, reviews, and referrals


As a business, you have many options at your fingertips today to captivate the interest of your target audience including: videography, infographics, e-books, slide shares, blogs, and podcasts. Within each of these tools are specific avenues including types and topics which you can choose to employ, such as guides, tutorials, or templates. These specific avenues will help further meet the needs of your audience.


It is important to carefully analyze and understand your audience before employing these tactics- otherwise your efforts could turn out to be a waste of time if it doesn’t match the exact needs of your clients. When designing your content, shift your thinking from your needs, to the needs of your clients. Ask yourself questions you think they may have and establish those answers in your content. Your answers should not only respond to their questions; it must impress them as well.  This will help establish your business and brand as the subject matter expert and interest parties will feel compelled to contact you.


Once you have begun publishing your content, you need to ensure the material produced is timeless. This will ensure that your content continues to attract viewers in the future through keyword searches, and does not end up drifting around in cyberspace or becomes obsolete.


Many content marketing connoisseurs have debated over content marketing versus search engine optimization, disagreeing about which avenue is the most effective means for creating and delivering content to consumers. However, these two disciplines should not be rivals; in fact, they work better in cohesion with one another to maximize your digital strategy.


It goes something like this:


SEO, known as search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website so that consumers can easily find it via search engines.


Content is any information that can be sourced and consumed on the internet.


Cohesively, these two disciplines create high value SEO content and can be defined as any content created that intends to attract and direct consumers to a website via search engines.


Most importantly, to ensure your business is effectively delivering content and reaching intended audiences, you must conduct regular audits of published content and search engine optimization effectiveness through your website analytics. You won’t master the art of content creation and marketing on your first attempt; it is a skill that sharpens with experience, missteps, and triumphs.


Just keep this golden rule in mind and you’ll be sure to succeed: Write compelling content, demonstrate compassion for your audience, and accommodate them in ways that they’ll never forget.

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