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Standard operating procedures, the final step in managing company procedures, policies and due diligence.

June 29, 2017


What are Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?


A Standard Operating Procedures System is culmination of all procedures within a company in a way to makes them indexed, controlled and maintained. 


In a perfect world, the purpose of the system is to have procedures about how to do everyday tasks regarding every scope within the business. This way employees, stakeholders and investors are satisfied that the business can operate efficiently on its own, with minimal oversight involved.


What is included in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?


The simple answer is everything.


This being said, it really is just a culmination of all of the due diligence activities and procedures within your company. Usually, a SOP will include an index that packages these systems together, the systems that outline how your business runs:



Why do I need Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)?


Impress your clients, employees and potential investors.


One of the main, immediate benefits, of having Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), is that they help during pre-qualification with clients. Clients are becoming quicker to ask for compliance with Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental requirements and your SOP will include all of these items in one place.


Standard Operating Procedures is something that all businesses should have, it is the single easiest way to increase the value of your business, if done properly and maintained. An SOP lowers the risk for investment to potential buyers and investors. If you are looking to exit your business, making Standardized Procedures will help increase your chances of the sale.


How Magnolias can Help?


We will guide you in bringing your current systems together with new ones.

We offer gap analysis and procedural creation services to our clients. We can simply hand over standard operating procedure templates, procedures and forms, all the way to creating the entire system for you, our level of service is completely up to you.


We have template documents and have created programs for almost every certification requirement; however, we also make sure that each set of procedures are built specifically for your business. Every business is different, as a result no set of procedures will ever be the same.


If you require services to either update you current SOP or to Implement a new set, including external audit services, we can quickly consult on what you have to do to update your system and help out where ever required during this update process.


Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you develop your system quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner.




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