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Fantom - The Doorstop for Those to Whom Detail Matters.

November 2, 2017

Elegant                        Innovative                         Discrete


The objects in your house have meaning.  Or beauty. Or both. 


Colors are coordinated to transition seamlessly or to awaken the eyes with surprise – whatever your desired effect. 


Furnishings, accessories, lighting, doors, fixtures, paint, flooring, and hardware.  None of it, is where it is by accident.  You have taken the time to pick through countless print and online catalogues, spoken with designers, manufacturers, retailers, and those whom you admire for their design savvy.


You appreciate the personal aesthetic of the environments you have created in your home.  People shape their world – you shape yours with intent.  You may not speak about it, but you have an appreciation of the everyday, the small things.  The sound, sights, smells, and textures of the many things that you experience.  A mini-moment of satisfaction when something slides, or clicks, or settles, into place “just so”.  Accurately mitred corners on oversized baseboards – perhaps un-contoured and minimalist, or perhaps intricate in detail, coordinated with crown mouldings and a custom textured ceiling. 


For centuries, artisans and craftspeople have tried to incorporate new and pleasing elements into the look and functionality of everyday objects.  Some are as basic as possible and are beautiful in their simplicity.  There is a continuum of this kind of design – culminating in such things that look and function “so simply” – but achieving that state of seemingly effortless simplicity has perhaps gone through countless iterations of prototype, trial, and refinement.


Good designs integrate functionality and aesthetic.  Minimizing their effect on the environment unless they are there to intentionally stand out and make a STATEMENT.  We don’t notice them until we do.  But when we do, we pause.  Eyebrows raised, we turn back and look again.  And start to comment and inquire. “That is really super-cool.  Where did it come from? How does it work? Why does it look like that? Why is that component shaped like that? And that color?  What material is it made from?  Where is it made?  What else does this company make?  What was the inspiration for this? I can’t get over how cool this is.”


Fantom Doorstop System. 


Available at

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