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What is Subconscious Marketing?

November 7, 2017


To many purchasers, it all comes down to the right place at the right time. Have you ever been frustrated or annoyed by an advertisement, only to purchase the product or service down the road. In this case, you would have fell victim to our definition of Subconscious Marketing.


So what is Subconscious Marketing? Definitions vary, but we like to keep it simple.


Subconscious Marketing relates to the touch-points between a company and a purchaser that often go noticed, but ignored, until there is purchasing need.


How can Subconscious Marketing help your Business?


Subconscious marketing techniques often fall to 2 or 3 on the marketing priority list because they become hard to track. How do you track a campaign where the purchaser might not make a purchase for a couple of years. However, if you put tracking aside, you can look at the multiple benefits a subconscious strategy can have.


Brand credibility and history are among these benefits, this applies to different businesses in different ways.


For service companies, showing a social and advertising history can help attract employees, it can help retain existing clients and eventually help obtain new ones. For example, a commercial contractor can set aside a marketing budget for Linkedin, constantly focusing on a targeted market. Then when a potential customer finally needs your service, they give you a call.


For retailers, lower value, but tangible posts, can create a following that translates into sales. For example, a retailer could post about seasonal colors or styles, one season in advance. When the actual season comes, subconsciously, the following will think of your products. The trick is to not be obvious about it.


How many social posts and subconscious advertisements, are too many social posts?


It depends on the business, but as a general rule, watch your unfollow statistics closely. If you notice a spike in unfollows, you may be riding the line of too many touchpoints. For service companies, one targeted post or ad per week is often enough to do the job. For selling products, between 2-5 touchpoints a week is what you are looking for.


How can Magnolias Help?


We can help you implement a subconscious marketing plan that fits in with your other inbound strategies. We have basic packages along with “À La Carte” digital marketing options to make sure you stay ahead of the curve, ahead of your competition.


Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you develop and expand your business, both efficiently and in a cost effective manner.





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