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Why Content Is Still King In 2018

June 19, 2018


We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”— but what is content marketing really?


Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target audience. It is used to not only bring new traffic to your brand or business, but also to retain current customers by staying fresh and modern. 


Content marketing is at the heart of every successful marketing strategy and campaign, giving a brand the value and credibility it needs to be successful.  


While inbound marketing strategies, like SEO, are effective in producing instant results, long-term growth and efficiency drastically increases when combined with content marketing.


Here are the top 3 reasons why. 


1. It attracts new traffic and builds your reputation


It’s important that businesses establish a positive brand reputation with their leads and customers. 


When you start building a reputation for quality content and distributing knowledge as an industry expert, you’ll attract those who are interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say. When you build trust with that audience, they’ll start sharing and distributing your content, helping funnel in more traffic and credibility. 


LinkedIn’s B2B content marketing report revealed the top content marketing tactics, which included:

  1. Blogging (65%)

  2. Social Media (64%)

  3. Case Studies (64%)

  4. White Papers (55%)

  5. Press Releases (51%)


It comes as no surprise that the top two are strategies blogging and social media. The two tactics tackle different stages of the buyer journey; blogging for lead generation and reputation building, while social media is best for building a relationship with leads and directing them back to your other content.


2. Create organic SEO and backlinks


Content that offers expert advice and builds an audience allows Google to recognize that your content is useful and will rank it higher in search results.


When you prove your expertise in an area, other websites will want to link to yours to share your content. Besides the fact that your audience can grow dramatically overnight, backlinking is also one of the criteria the search engines use to rank your site. 


Backlinks are also important because not all website traffic originates from a search engines. Referral traffic is also a large percentage of all traffic, meaning that people are clicking on links and being taken to the linked content. According to Forbes, social media now drives 31% of all referral traffic.


3. Give them reasons to share 


It’s no secret that social media shares contribute to dramatic growth and brand popularity. Content that keeps people coming back increases the chance that they’ll want to share what you have to say with their network. This is one of the top ways to grow an audience fast, as people often trust brands that are trusted by people they actually know.  You’ll also get to know what resonates with your audience the most for future content. 


A study by AOL & Nielsenfound that 27 million pieces of content were shared every day, and 3.2 billion images are shared each day. It also showed that sharing isn’t gender or age specific, everyone shares. 


The list of reasons to do content marketing could go on forever. The real reason is because it actually works and it’s one of the top ways to continue to grow your business long after you’ve shut your monitor off for the night. There are many different tactics for quick traffic but this is by far the most rewarding, and if you’re wondering where to start your marketing journey, remember that content is king. 


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