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Long-Term Gains of Brand Recognition through Social Media Marketing

July 31, 2018


Marketing and sales go hand in hand. You spend money on marketing to make more money for your business. It only makes sense to want a good return on your investment. 


But there is one other thing marketing helps businesses achieve. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to put a price tag on: brand recognition. Social media is one of the most effective ways to gain brand recognition for your business. 


Using Brand Recognition to Close the Sale


Brand recognition may not always make the sale, but it very well could close the sale. Or, at least, help close the sale. 


Sales are rarely a one-step process, particularly with online shopping and endless information at our fingertips. Consumers and clients are more informed than ever. Most people do their research before they buy. What are people looking for when they do their research? Trust and Credibility.


People are afraid of being swindled. They’re afraid they can get better price or value somewhere else. They’re afraid there’s a better product on the market that they haven’t heard of yet. They’re afraid that companies will straight-up rip them off, take their money, and run with it. 


If your leads do just a little information gathering, the first thing they should notice is that you have a presence. You are real and legitimate, and you have customers who enjoy your products and services; that provides a strong sense of trust. 


What’s even better? If your leads already know who you are because they’ve seen your brand before. This takes a lot of time, but it can pay off, even for small businesses. 


Social Media Growth Requires Consistency


This is one of the biggest hurdles for business owners who want to gain traction on social media. If you’re one of them, we don’t fault you at all. There are many things to be done, and social media likely ranks under tasks that have a more indirect ROI. The problem is that seeing returns from social media requires time. Unless you somehow manage to go viral with a post, it’s not something that happens overnight.


That being said, brand unity and a modern online presence is the new norm across all industries. If you’re not on social media now, you’re only putting yourself further behind your competition.


A few ways to get consistent include: 

  • Create a posting schedule for yourself;

  • Plan posts that can be used accross all platfroms to create unity;

  • Create posts and schedule them in advance so they go out automatically;

  • Have an experience marketing team do all of it for you!


Don’t Forget the “Social” Aspect of Your Brand


Relationships don’t go one way, and building brand awareness through social media is about building relationships. If you don’t have a lot of friends in a new place and you want to make friends, do you keep yourself holed up in your house and just talk to your cat? Probably not. 


Just like real-world socializing, gaining friends and followers means getting out there. Show support for people, businesses, and causes that you care about and be educational. Comment on, like, friend, and share anything and everything you can. And always – always – be positive. Just like in real life, people are drawn to positivity. 


Spread your reach as far as you can, and you WILL see the return you’re looking for, whether it’s in followers, engagements, brand recognition, or leads.


Never Sell, only Educate


The most common mistake that companies make when promoting on social media, is that they constantly try to sell. Trying to sell typically has the opposite effect to sales.


Customers and followers will not respond to a sales tactic; rather we are all trained to skip over sales and promoted content in our feeds.


Educate, offer information, be responsive and create powerful content. Any tactic and you will loss potential customers before you even have a chance.


Use Social Media Advertising to Target Your Brand Message


We often associate brand recognition with larger companies. Just because you aren’t a household name like Coca-Cola doesn’t mean brand recognition won’t help you. You don’t need to be an international household name to be a recognized brand. Likewise, you don’t need thousands of followers to make an impact. 


One way to reach out to people who don’t follow you on social media, and at the same time be more specific in your messaging, is to use social media advertising. In many cases, we’ll do this for our clients by starting a “campaign” – in other words, a targeted advertisement that goes out to specific people, within a specific region. Then we cater the brand message to have an impact on that group. 


Your content and images should reflect what your target category of people wants to see in their feeds. If your audience is from Edmonton and your post’s picture clearly shows your business operating in the mountains, it causes an immediate disconnect. Unless you’re trying to get people to go to the mountains (i.e. you’re a travel company), your ad likely won’t be effective. 


Ask yourself questions like: 

  • What do these people want? 

  • What makes them laugh? 

  • What do they share with their friends? 


One Last Thing…


Most of all, remember to be patient and have fun. It’s easier to be consistent with social media if it’s something you actually enjoy! Take some photos, plan your posts out with a coffee in hand, and stop worrying about whether you’re seeing an immediate return. Your brand will benefit from it. 


Need help managing your social posts? Magnolias has a special system we designed just for that purpose. Call to learn more and find out how you can manage all your social media from a single platform!   

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