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5 Unique Ways to Create a Digitally Interactive Brand Experience

August 30, 2018


Getting a message across in the digital world is something every modern business does. Whether it’s through email communication, a website or blog, or social media, we engage our potential customers through the digital world. However, digital communication is sometimes viewed as an impersonal form of communication. This presents an obstacle for marketing teams and professionals, because our purpose is to connect with people on a personal level. 


The question is, how can you make a personal impact on people when communicating your brand through digital tools? 


There are five ways that the Magnolias team focuses on creating a personal, interactive experience through the digital world. We believe that digital communication isn’t impersonal; it’s simply a matter of creating digital communications that truly reach out and touch an audience on a personal level. This isn’t just important; it’s necessary. For brands to stand out among their competition, people have to be able to interact with them on an emotional or physical level.


Here are five ways you can create an interactive brand experience: 


1. Focus on showing, not telling


Digital content risks being prescriptive. When you’re simply telling someone to buy your product over and over, you aren’t personalizing the experience. Mass advertising is no longer effective. Instead, we create informative and entertaining campaigns that teach audiences and add value to their lives. 


Video content is one of the simplest, yet most impactful ways to share ideas, products, and services with your audience in a non-prescriptive way. Videos are easily capable of communicating emotions, stories, thoughts, and personalities in a powerful way that can more difficult to achieve with other forms of media.


2. Create an emotional hook 


We all have shared experiences. Our most powerful experiences are those tied closely to emotions. However, we’re capable of feeling emotion even when an experience isn’t happening directly to us. Anyone who has read a novel that sticks with them for days, weeks, or even years after reading it has an emotional attachment to that story. Something resonated deeply enough that it was embedded into their conscious and subconscious thoughts. In marketing, this kind of emotional resonation is powerful.


Emotional hooks are not always easy to establish, and that’s why they’re so rare in marketing. To create emotion, you must create art. That’s why we focus on digital artistry for our clients. A little extra care with your content can take it from meaningful to truly impactful. 


The questions to ask yourself before creating digital art for your marketing are: 


How is my product or service linked to emotions? 


What shared experience do people have surrounding my product or service? 


What emotions do my clients feel when they have a problem, and how do they feel once they have the solution I’ve offered?


What is happening in the world right now that is affecting my audience’s hearts and minds?


What makes them joyful, miserable, or excited? How am I connected to that?


3. Create a real-world experience


Marketing often aims to influence thought. But what if you could instill your brand into a person’s actions? Engaging the senses and invoking action can be difficult using digital tools. It’s not impossible, though; it simply requires some creativity. 


Here are three simple ways you can use digital tools to inspire your audience to take physical action to interact with your brand:  


Ask your audience to demonstrate a unique way they use your product. Better yet, ask them to take a video and submit it. 


Create a contest that requires action, such as commenting with pictures on a social media post.  


Demonstrate a unique way to use your product for something other than it’s intended use, and challenge people to try it.


Another great way to create an interactive digital marketing campaign is to tie your digital marketing into real-world experiences. 


4. Add digital touchpoints into physical experiences


The separation between the digital and physical world is becoming smaller each and every day. As technology like AI and virtual reality become household norms, we move closer to a world where people expect constant opportunities to interact digitally, even in the physical world. 


That’s why it’s important to lend your digital brand experience to the in-person brand experience you offer. Digital barcodes attached to real life products or hard copy marketing materials allow your brand to cross into both realms. Virtual reality and 3D renderings bring people one step closer to a real-world experience with your brand. Don’t be afraid to introduce your digital experiences to your in-person brand experiences, whether it’s at a tradeshow or presentation, or in something as simple as adding unique social media links your business cards. 


5. Use tools that encourage people to connect


Social media might be different than in-person communication, but that doesn’t make it “impersonal”, per se. Billions of people and businesses around the world are connected through social media tools. Unfortunately, most businesses struggle to remember the “social” aspect of social media. One-way interaction is easy. Going back to the first point in this blog, “telling” people something is not difficult. Creating a conversation is a different story. 


The trick is to begin to think about your social media network the same way you think about your personal network. In your personal network, you have two-way interactions and specific conversations. Mirroring your personal network, your interactions should be open-channel communications. That means responding to comments on your posts, liking the pages of those who have liked you, and making an effort to grow your network by offering something of value to others. It also means creating content that moves people to talk, ask questions, or offer their own value or opinions.  




How are you creating an interactive brand experience using digital tools? We’d love to learn more. Get in touch with us to share your ideas and be featured on the blog. 

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