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A Revolution Of Physical Art Transformed Into Our Digital World

October 2, 2018


Picasso didn’t paint by just placing a canvas in front of him. He created his art using tools and techniques that enhanced his ideas and highlighted his talent across the globe.  One after another, each painting portrayed new ideas using creative methods that were modern at the time. Each stroke was done with purpose and each curve was made to make people feel something. His art touched people—and yours can too. 


Digital artistry is a revolution of physical art transformed into our digital world—and like Picasso, your art was made to move people and deserves to reach them. The internet is your canvas and the possibilities are endless, but you must know how to utilize the latest tools and techniques to create an impact. Every platform you use is like a stroke of a brush, and each word you publish is like the detailed line of an intricate painting waiting to hit billions across the globe. What can you do to ensure your digital art is recognized? The internet is filled with noise, and it can be difficult to get away from consuming and back to creating. But what if you learned what made people stop and listen? What if you learned how to reach the people that need your ideas the most? Every artist needs to replenish their tools— never forget that you do, too. 


The digital landscape changes frequently, but consumers will always consume. Think of each like on a Facebook page or each retweet on twitter as your painting being featured at the art gallery. That feeling you get, watching your idea turn viral and change lives, is the same as walking into the art gallery and seeing people marvel at your ideas on a canvas. The only difference is that the internet is much faster and a front row ticket is free. Thousands can walk into an art gallery each day, but millions can see your post in a matter of minutes— if its done right. What would Picasso have done with such power? Would the world have known his name a lot soon? 


In today’s age, we are able to change the world with a click of a button. No longer do we have to let our art collect dust in the attic, waiting for them to be discovered before we die. With a little bit of perseverance and guidance, and a lot of creativity, you can use marketing tools and platforms on the internet like the artist uses painting techniques on their canvas. Digital artistry is your ideas knowing no limits and your mind no boundaries, as you create pure magic fueled by the click of a button.


So, let your mind roam free. Paint your canvas with every colour in your palette and dare to create a pattern that no one has seen. Consume for inspiration, but create for impact.


Magnolias is ready to re-define the internet. What will you do with your canvas? 


Your Brand Deserves Digital Artistry™




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