Bavaria BMW

The Magnolias Consulting team met with Bavaria BMW to help them take their video content game to the next level. We coordinated a new approach to video and social media advertisements, which included informational video highlights, dealership experience features, and commercials.

Over time, the relationship developed into our team filling in for missing pieces of the marketing presence. These are all pieces our team is specialized to handle, including SEM, SEO, social media, and continued video production.

The Bavaria team had several business goals for their marketing, one of which was increased engagement with their posts. Thanks to the professional level videos and content, we were able to boost engagement by 70%.

Building a local commercial overnight at the dealership for TV, social media, and YouTube advertising. Definitely an amazing experience our team will never forget!

Bavaria BMW TV Commercial Edmonton

Changing the social media content mix to help increase social media engagement by over 70%. A combination of videos, photos and written content completed the trio of content pillars.

Bavaria BMW Social Media on a Laptop

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