Content development and writing services for social media, websites, blogs, public relations and print from our offices in Edmonton, Canada.

Content is Still Royalty

Provide a proper narrative and tone to your brand to ensure creativity doesn’t go to waste.

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Website content completes the user experience, contributes to better SEO, and unifies your brand’s tone and voice per brand guidelines. It is one of the most essential components of your online presence

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Blogs are one of the most effective ways to build brand equity and our professional content writers are ready to help. Corporate blogs can build SEO and establish authority for your website.

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$895.00 per blog

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Social Media

High quality content writing services for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, as well as the other niche and targeted platforms.

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$695.00 per month

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Comprehension Public

Public opinion can be both a resource and a risk, depending on how you manage it. Our public relations specialists can mitigate potential risks and plan for positive media releases.

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Public Relations Meets Reputation Management

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Content Marketing Services

Well-written content is an essential part of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Magnolias Consulting has a copywriting team ready to cater to all of your content needs, from blogs and social media posts to websites, advertisements, press releases, books, and scripts.

Our writing team has worked with hundreds of businesses and brands to create compelling copy for digital and print projects. We thoroughly research your industry, business, and products to gain an understanding of your brand’s voice and tone, and to establish your content goals.

Website content writing is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward services we can provide for a new website, or to refresh an out-of-date website. After establishing a well-researched keyword strategy, we’ll create content that achieves several aims at once, including improving SEO, creating engagement with the brand, and providing value to audiences and customers.

Professional Content Writers

Regular content writing creation is part of any content marketing strategy. It is more than just the content though; there also needs to be a strong focus on search engine optimization. The goal of professional content is to help a brand stand out and be found. Together our writer research and provide valuable content that exemplifies storytelling, emotional connection, and problem-solving combined with advanced keyword strategies.

Professional writing services from the Magnolias Consulting copywriting team includes a full content and keyword strategy. Social, website, blogs and PR content provide value upfront, bringing audiences into your platforms of choice and capturing their attention.

Content & Context Marketing Services

Professional content gets results. Action-based copy that motivates your audience to act is essential for all of your advertising and marketing strategies.

In the modern age, people know they can get content catered directly to their specific needs and they’re willing to look for it. This is why the context behind content is becoming more important every day.

At Magnolias Consulting, we approach content with your specific audience in mind. We’ll consider characteristics like their emotional state and current problems so we can create content that connects with them at the right time, in the right way. This is known as context marketing, and it’s becoming more important in any content marketing strategy.

Combined with advanced advertising strategies from our collaborative advertising and digital strategy teams, our strategic content writers in Canada can help you achieve better results.

SEO Content Writing in Canada

Search engine optimization is becoming more competitive every day. It’s difficult to stay on top of the trends and changes, especially when it comes to creating SEO content. Our team of content writers is highly experienced in writing SEO content for businesses across Canada.

SEO copywriting strategies go well beyond keyword research. We balance tested keyword strategies with value-driven content that makes people keep reading, clicking, and engaging with your content. We consider how different types of content will impact your ranking factors. Our writers also work closely with our back-end SEO experts to ensure you have a well-rounded SEO strategy that attracts new audiences.

From keyword stuffing to meta descriptions to longtail keyword phrases, SEO content writing can be a complex system. Our SEO content writers are happy to explain our processes and content strategy to you in person.