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We create integrated sales funnel strategies that strengthen your lead generation efforts and increase conversions.

Sales Funnel Planning

Your marketing funnel is what guides customers through the buying process. It includes aspects like email marketing, lead magnets, landing pages, case studies, social posts, and blog posts. When all of these components are designed to work together to “capture” a lead, you have a successful sales funnel.

With decades of combined marketing strategy and execution experience under our belts, our team is fully aware of how important it is to distinguish your specific customer journey. From the first point of contact right through to the checkout page on your website and on to the next sale, there’s a specific path your customers follow. How this path is laid out can significantly impact your marketing success.

Our specialty is in understanding your customer avatars and what steps they need to follow to become ready to buy. Our internal team handles research, analytics, tracking, and funnel design to manage the entire scope of your next marketing strategy. We’ll look at how we can solve problems for customers, provide added value, and create well-timed communications with leads.

The professional sales funnel consultants at Magnolias Consulting can help you design and implement customized funnel strategies for various lines of products and services.

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