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GeoTargeting & GeoFencing

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We use the most advanced media buying techniques to harness the power of geo-fencing and geo-targeting and get in front of and learn from your customer avatars.

Geo-Targeting & Geo-Fencing for Advertisements

Geo-targeting and Geo-fencing are relatively new advertising technologies that are gaining in popularity, particularly in the retail and restaurant industries. Proprietary software allows us to pinpoint locations as small as 1000 square feet to capture and run ads to audiences that have agreed to receive ads. We can also set up larger target areas depending on your audience, including specific location-based geographic areas like ZIP codes, towns, or municipalities.

There’s a strict balance to maintain with these types of digital marketing strategies. Anti-spam regulations around the world must be adhered to; however, the technology, when coupled with other brand platforms such as your website, mobile applications, and text and email lists, puts you in front of your audience in a very narrow search window. The goal is to achieve as little budget waste in your ad spend as possible.

One of the main problems with traditional marketing strategies (and even some online marketing strategies) is the “spray and pray” strategy they depend on. Billboards, for example, will be shown to thousands of people a day, but the number of people within the target audience who see the ads may be no greater than a dozen. Meanwhile, setting specific conversion zones online ensures the potential customers who view your pay-per-click ads are pre-qualified by location.

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