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Brand Development

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We work with brands on one of the most important decisions that any business will ever make: creating a strong brand that meets the vision and engages customers.

Brand Development

Branding is the only thing that we have left to distinguish ourselves. The barriers to entry to disrupt entire industries are gone. Building up brand awareness and staying top-of-mind with your audience takes an incredible amount of planning, research, and execution. Our team is built to help you navigate some of the most important decisions your company will ever make about the direction of your brand.

A brand strategy focuses on very specific details and a measurable approach. Through preliminary market research, analytical analysis, and focus group design, our brand research team designs brand concepts that mirror the values of your customers.

After a collaborative selection process that considers internal company branding as well as external, we work with you to narrow down the development or refresh options.

Together, we design brand development packages that include, but are not limited to: logo design, brand guide development, online presence content map, content creation guidelines, communication strategy, brand management system, customer avatar analysis, tagline and positioning statement, stationery package – includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other business essentials, collateral package – includes brochures, print material, and other sales essentials, website design, website development and social media design.

We’ve helped formulate brands throughout Canada and the world, including unique brand development in Edmonton, Alberta.

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