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Social Media
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Simply your approach to social media with social media scheduling and setup plans built for audience growth.

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Brand unity across all platforms

From your website to social media build a brand that is recognized online and offline.


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From video to content, it’s hard to have a full presence in every marketing team.




Build a Social Media Brand

Which brands have you interacted with on social media today? Probably more than a dozen, and that’s only if it’s 10am. People spend an average of three hours on social media per day, and in that time, they expect to interact with brands and businesses. Are you one of them? Are you connecting to that audience?

Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking for social content, management, or strategies for social media in Edmonton, Canada or beyond, the Magnolias Consulting team has tools to help you build your audience and stay on top of trends.

Should Businesses be on Social Media?

The Magnolias Consulting team is asked this question on a regular basis. Although not every business will have the same outcomes on social media, the answer is yes, your brand should be on social media. Social media gives brands and businesses the opportunity to connect and engage with an active audience. These opportunities create exposure, visibility, and awareness, which are indispensable for your overall online presence.

It’s important to remember that social media is a tool. The key to a great social media presence that produces new followers, fans, and interactions is a strategy that connects your business to your audience.

Up-to-Date Social Media Marketing in Canada

We pride ourselves on understanding every aspect of modern social media platforms. Social media is changing rapidly. There are new platforms, new tools, and new algorithms emerging on an almost daily basis. For us, staying ahead of the learning curve means investing in up-to-date knowledge, trends, and content every day.

Social media strategies often succeed based on how well you know your customers. This is compounded with platform-specific content and the ability to offer tremendous value. That being said, it’s important to “create and correct.” In other words, we use modern analytics to deep dive into your audience and further improve every single day.

Social Media Services

Our social media services encompass all aspects of modern social media for brands and businesses, including social media advertising, content marketing, and graphic/visual design.

We’re able to help you manage all your various social media channels, maintaining a high level of consistency across social platforms. Our specialists will help you create a content calendar, determine your target audiences for each of your platforms, schedule content, and coordinate marketing campaigns.

Social Media Consulting

Our social media consultants have years of experience with all the major platforms (and many niche platforms). They can help you with practical items that are holding you back from building your brand online. Things like choosing your focus platforms and defining your target audiences, setting up advertising campaigns, remarketing audiences, and geofenced advertising and building targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Together let’s link your social media to the rest of your digital presence and set up monitoring systems for metrics and tracking. In addition, options such as setting up automated programs for scheduling posts and comments can be considered. Our consultants take a modern approach to social media strategies, tackling even the toughest and newest trends, including retargeting and remarketing, which can be 10x more effective than typical advertising strategies.