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We create exceptional business plans that move you toward your business goals.

Business Plan Writing

Magnolias Consulting has created a range of professional business plans for local and international businesses. Whether you have a new concept or investment opportunity, or your existing business is in a growth stage, our business plan consultants can offer you the market research, writing, and formatting you need to be successful. Our business plans are designed to help you gain financing or investments, and guide operations and business objectives forward.

Our team handles all levels of your business plan development and coordinates with your team to understand your ideas, vision, and goals. We have a highly streamlined process in place to save you time and energy and move through the plan creation strategically.

Each component of the business plan (executive summary, target market, market analysis, marketing plan, balance sheets, and financial projections) will be professionally designed with information presented clearly and concisely. We’ll also consider who will be looking at your plan and what they need to see, including banks, potential investors, internal team members, consultants, or management teams.

We understand the significance of this single document when it comes to getting you closer to your ultimate business goals. Obtaining business loans, investments, or support in any form can make or break your plans. If you’re struggling to write a business plan that you feel confident in, we’re here to offer our expertise.

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