Comprehensive influencer program designed to meet marketing objectives in North America.

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Influencer Program

Value Proposition

We’ll help you capitalize on the hidden potential of influencer marketing with a highly analytical approach.

Strategic Influencer Programs

Influencer marketing helps transfer brand equity from brand to brand. Our team of social media practitioners in Edmonton, Canada, connects global influencers to our clients. Amazingly, this underpriced and underutilized digital marketing vertical can achieve some of the strongest results for your brand, including better engagement rates, a highly targeted social media audience, and reaching more potential customers with your products or services.

Brand Ambassadors & Partnerships

We help maximize content reach with brand ambassadors in the short-term while looking at how brand partnerships can evolve in the long run. In fact, people themselves are the key to the equation. With a metrics-driven approach, our team will identify which influencers are having the strongest impact on your customer avatars.

We’re always thinking ahead to how we can create more relevance for your brand on social channels with strategic relationships. We’ll reach out to various types of influencers to advertise your products and services, from paid influencers based locally and globally to micro-influencers.

We take a highly analytical approach to influencer marketing programs to ensure you’re getting a high return on investment in terms of growing your audience, engagement, and lead generation. All of our analytics will be shared with you so you’re fully equipped to make decisions for your brand’s online influencer program.

Full Management for Your Influencer Program in Canada & Globally

Thanks to our well-rounded team of influencer and social media practitioners, we can provide start to finish influencer programs for your brand. We’ll source and create strategic partnerships that make sense for your business, create and implement content marketing that makes sense for your strategy, and gather analytics to track progress.

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