Video production, social media, animation and VFX services from our studios in Edmonton, Canada.

Lights, Camera, Action.

Professional videographers, animators and editors ready to handle your video project.

Video Production Services in Canada

We’re a full-service video production company based in Western Canada. Our team travels across North America to provide professional video production services. We have a full team of experienced video editors, camera operators, animation specialists, sound design, colour grading, and audio technicians. This allows us to produce a greater range of video styles for all your videography needs.

There is so much more to high-quality video that happens behind the scenes. Our videographers use a wide range of filming and editing tools designed to make audiences feel the visual impact. For brands, the art of creating emotions through video is truly priceless. Telling stories, engaging emotions, and solving problems are, in essence, the foundation of value that your videos will portray.

Professional Videography in Edmonton & Victoria

Our professional videographers are mobile and ready to travel virtually anywhere in the world to capture your brand story. When we’ve completed filming, we’ll bring the footage back to our videography studio in Edmonton to put it all together and put the finishing touches on your content.

Video Represents the Future of Content

Producing videos that tell stories and offer value.

What makes videos stand out?

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Creative Videography Solutions in 4K

Videography is always creative, even when we’re putting together what most people would term “standard video content.” For every type of video we create, we put our full creative team’s efforts into making it a standout video.

We use the latest editing software with up-to-date techniques, and our professional video editors enjoy getting creative with special effects, music, transitions, and sound effects.

The Latest Video Capture Technology

It’s not the equipment that makes the video, but creativity can only take you so far. Technology allows you to create vivid, clear, and high-quality videos that will capture the attention of a modern audience with a sensitive eye.

Our 4K cameras can capture virtually anything in breathtaking real-life videography. We also have a broad selection of in-house lighting equipment, sound capture equipment, editing equipment, and video assets.

Branded Videos for Social Media & Digital Marketing

When it comes to content marketing on social media, videography is one of the best investments you can make. Typically, people watch videos much longer than visual and written content. This, combined with other factors in the social media algorithms, often means your social media pages will gain more visibility.

YouTube Channel Management

Creating videos on a regular basis for an active YouTube audience is a challenge. YouTube is an excellent tool to create brand awareness, but it can be tough to manage. We have a large amount of experience in optimizing YouTube videos and curating channels. Features like captions, video playlists, and thumbnails can be the difference between your content going to your immediate followers versus to a greater audience on YouTube.

Video Advertising

There is no type of content more powerful than video. The ability to capture emotions and stories in fluid movements is powerful. If you can do this in a short video for an advertisement alongside a strong call to action, your brand will become infinitely more powerful online.

For us, video ads are an opportunity to tell a story that connects with your audience. Sometimes these stories are obvious at the surface level in a single video, while other times they’re deeply rooted in the overall brand story you’re telling.

We can also help you manage your overall marketing and advertising activities on social networks, including creating advertising audiences and setting up retargeting and remarketing ads. The techniques we use are well-researched and we’ve had great results with our current clients.

Video Content Planning

Many business owners want to know how to create their own videos, from live videos on social media (such as Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live). Magnolias Consulting has a full team of social media marketers who can help you plan coordinated content for social posts, including videos, written content, and graphics.

Our video content planning services can range from ideation and consultation, through to full production and editing. We’re able to provide contacts for talent agencies, independent models and actors, studios, and more. We also have private studio space available.