Build your brand with personal branding services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Personal Branding

Value Proposition

We push the limits of personal content creation to help our clients stand out within their product or service niche.

Personal Branding Services

Your goals are our goals. Although there are plenty of opportunities for content creators, small business owners, and thought leaders to develop a personal brand, growing and maintaining an audience requires strategic content development and marketing channels. Our brand experts are here to help you expand your personal brand locally and globally.

Branding Consultants

In a lot of ways, personal branding carries more weight than most company brands. It takes a strong commitment to build a strong brand that inspires people to action and keeps them coming back, which is exactly the process we know and understand.

What’s most important to remember when it comes to your personal branding strategy is that relationships haven’t changed much at a basic level, even in the online world. So, personal branding is based on many of the same principles as in-person relationships; it’s just the tools and methods that have shifted.

Creating an Emotional Connection

Our personal branding consultants understand the underlying needs and emotions that feed into the relationships between a personal brand and it’s fans and followers. By basing content and communications on these aspects of that relationship, we can help your personal brand travel further and faster than you imagined possible. We can help you build a social media presence, blog posts, and all the other content marketing pieces that are key in creating thought leadership.

Relevance & Value

People only engage regularly with brands when they feel like they get value from those interactions. The Magnolias Consulting team builds all of our content strategies on value and relevance. We ask, “what does your audience need most right now, and how can we give it to them in a new and exciting way?”

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