A Canadian full-service marketing, brand and business consulting agency.

Marketing Consulting

An experienced team built to handle business consulting needs across digital mediums. Offering business, brand, and marketing consulting services to clients in Canada and around the world.

Pre-Qualification Management Systems

Operating procedures and system development services to make sure you are ready to pre-qualify with your clients. Manage company due diligence with health and safety, quality management and standard operating procedures put in place.

Canadian Marketing Consulting Team - Magnolias Consulting Group

Canadian Marketing Consultants

Our team of marketing consultants are practitioners in their respective marketing fields.Together we help clients put together comprehensive marketing systems, crisis management and funnels designed to track and measure business outcomes.

CRM and LMS software management systems by Magnolias Consulting Group

CRM and Learning Management Software

A CRM is integral to capturing the value of data that runs through your business, and be able to learn and improve business activities because of it. Learning management software can help retain and pass knowledge on to the rest of a growing team.

Consulting Page Offline Conversions Point of Sale Picture

Offline Conversion Setup

Tracking the most important KPI’s and metrics that make a difference in measuring and improving business outcomes. Setting up offline conversions to track real world actions that result from online marketing activities.

Marketing Software Implementation

From custom CRM to learning management system integration, our developers will unify and connect your marketing software.

Research Matters in Every Industry

Business AI Learning Integration

Machine learning is on the edge of revolutionizing every single industry.

Marketing Research and Focus Groups

Even in the modern digital age of data, brands cannot quit on researched focus group.

Marketing, Brand and Business Consulting in Canada

Magnolias Consulting Group offers business, brand, and marketing consulting services to clients around Canada and the world, operating from our offices in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our extensive combined experience as business owners, operators, and management consultants provides us with a comprehensive basis of understanding when it comes to your difficult decisions and complex business problems.

Experience weighs heavily in understanding the full scope of business and marketing decisions; as a result, before joining our internal network, our team members must have an extensive background in business operation and strategic brand management. This ensures that our clients gain the confidence and support that comes with having our all-star consulting team being solely dedicated to helping their business grow and expand.

On a rudimentary level, the success of any business is based on a commitment to a vision, goals, and strategic plans; however, we also believe in keeping things simple.

Supporting Business Objectives

We support organizations by providing industry best practices and processes to develop, plan, document, and execute a strategic initiative. Our team is by your side through meeting facilitation, and mission, goal, and vision development for the company’s short and long-term objectives.

Together, the Magnolias Consulting Group team helps businesses with services such as brand development, marketing consulting, strategic planning, CRM development, funnel planning, business plans, pre-qualification support, health and safety manuals, quality manuals, and standard operating procedures. We can also help you optimize the existing aspects of your business, including human resources, project management, and service provision.

We want to learn more about your specific goals so we can connect you with the tools, services, and strategies that will help you achieve your objectives faster, and with less stress. Our consultants work directly alongside your team so we can integrate our approaches with your current operations and systems.

External Marketing Consulting for Internal Teams

If there’s one place businesses tend to get tied up, it’s in their marketing processes. External direction can help resolve inconsistencies, improve productivity, and lower the costs of marketing your business.

Magnolias Consulting Group has provided consulting services to organizations of all sizes and configurations. Often, our team is asked to provide clarity and develop content creation processes for internal marketing teams or create strategies to generate brand awareness.

Our consulting processes for marketing touch every aspect of your marketing strategy, including your traditional and digital marketing plans and the intersection between the two. We can also develop specific marketing campaigns, aiding in the execution or leaving it to your internal marketing team. Finally, we can help you set up marketing automation systems that save time for your teams and provide top-down clarity about your brand, message, and marketing activities.

Expert Advice, Right When You Need It

When an opportunity or challenge arises, having a team of professionals on your side to help you strategize can help ensure positive outcomes are achieved. Our clients have confidence knowing they can get in touch with us when they need expert advice from business professionals who are on their side.