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Systems Table of Contents

We create a table of contents of company systems that give you are starting point to understand which elements are required for your company’s operating manuals.

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Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015 and other certifying standard compliant quality management systems custom built to manage your company’s continual improvement.

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Health and Safety Systems

COR and OHSAS 18001 compliant health and safety systems custom built to manage your company’s critical tasks and due diligence.

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Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 compliant environmental management systems designed to help businesses and manufacturers manage their compliance requirements and environmental impact.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard operating procedures that help manage internal quality, health and safety, environmental, and brand management programs all within one interconnected system.

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Brand Protection Monitoring Plans

Magnolias proprietary brand monitoring software is built to notify companies quickly when potentially brand damaging content, articles, and reviews are posted online. Plans and monitoring options are built to protect the most important asset any company has: its brand. You invested in building it; now it is time to think about protecting it.

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Customer Support

We treat all client relationships as partnerships. In today’s digital world, things can change in an instant and we need to be able to support you through any change in the landscape.

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View Our Work

Some of our work and case studies include examples of the services and content we have provided for our clients in Canada and around the world.

Store FAQ

Magnolias provides digital marketing services to clients around the world. View some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our digital and marketing consulting services.