Canadian Text Message Marketing Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Text Message Marketing

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We design optimal comprehensive text message systems for businesses based on their audience and customer profiles.

Text Message Marketing

Magnolias Consulting Group offers highly specialized text message marketing services in Canada. We offer complete text message campaign marketing. Our full-service marketing team in Edmonton, Canada plans, organizes, and implements a text message strategy designed to initiate business results.

Open rates on text messages are higher than on any other platform. That means it’s one of the most ideal marketing mediums available to digital marketers. However, every audience differs in their tolerance for text messages being delivered by businesses into their inbox. A managed approach that monitors interaction to both subconscious and inbound touchpoints helps maximize the value you can receive from text content.

When it comes to getting started with text message marketing, there are plenty of options for developing a text message platform that works ideally for your business. We have researched and used some of the best options available on the market and can help you compare them.

One primary challenge we’ll tackle is helping you build your text message database (with consent from the audience in adherence to anti-spam laws around the world). We’ll also create customizations and integrations for your program, including phone number capturing technology that transfers from your point of sale, online subscriptions, and social media platforms.

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