Social Media Management Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Social Management

Value Proposition

We offer a truly collaborative and transparent approach that unifies your brand across all online platforms and engages with audiences.

Social Media Management for Businesses

Social media management is what we’re built to do at Magnolias Consulting. Our social media experts in Canada help clients manage social media content, creative, ads, and continual learning for brands locally and around the world.

Extending your Social Network

A modern online presence no longer means you only have a website and Facebook page; at the same time, we believe in a simple approach to social media strategies.

Your modern social media marketing strategy will be unique to you. We carefully research your customer avatars and identify the platforms that will impact your brand in the modern digital landscape.

We take a fully transparent approach to social media management that includes client education. We’re eager to take you through and explain our digital philosophy so you understand how the principles we apply to your social media accounts are beneficial in the short and long-term.

Social Media Management in Edmonton & Globally

Our social media managers do everything possible to stay ahead of the curve. We invest in proprietary digital monitoring software for your social channels to help you better understand how your online presence is working and what shifts can be made to extend those positive results. Together with unique and innovative metrics, we can help you understand the full scope of what digital marketing can do for your brand.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Our social media department is built to supplement marketing departments, as well as manage them. We work with internal teams in Edmonton, Canada to make sure every aspect of your presence has a professional approach. The department consists of several disciplines, including content creation, media planning & buying, ad research, influencer programs, social setup design, reporting, scheduling posts, engaging with your audience & customer service, analytics for all of your social networks and social media management tools.

Our Approach to Managing Your Social Channels

Our social media management team has the advantage of working together and learning from each other. We are social media practitioners in every sense, even when it comes to our own personal brands. We encourage team members to build their personal brands and gain hands-on experience with the platforms themselves inside and outside work. Context can’t be learned from just scrolling and observing. We believe that making content and practicing is the best way to keep up to date with what our clients expect.

Finally, transparency is built into every aspect of our social media approach. Our clients own their brand; we will openly share all analytical data, rates paid, and performance metrics with our clients. No information or lessons learned will be held back. We believe you should expect nothing less from your social media provider.

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