Canadian Video Animation Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Video Animation

Value Proposition

We use state-of-the-art computing and software technology to make advanced animations that make your content and brand stand out.

2D and 3D Video Animation

We are Canada’s animation studio.

With the evolution of digital platforms and changing audience preferences, more companies than ever before are looking at 2D and 3D computer animations to help enhance video content. Animations can help build brand recognition and trust and create the emotional response needed to get your customers and leads to act now.

There’s nothing that captures attention more than moving images, and when it comes to video, animation is the newest and most eye-catching medium available to brands. Imagine what you could do if you could bring your brand to life on a screen. Many brands are looking for character animation to bring their mascots or logos to life.

With the ability to convey titles, assets, philosophies, and brand value through dynamic moving imagery, our services are built to meet the endless possibilities of your imagination. If you can dream it, we can create it and make it move. Our visual effects specialists and professional animators are always up for a challenge.

The Magnolias Consulting team has worked with some of the top companies and personal brands in North America to provide eye-catching animations for social, corporate, and commercial videos, and more. 2D and 3D animations are the next step for brands looking to further engage their audience and customer avatars in the digital age.

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