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Value Proposition

We build strategic web content that uses problem-solving and emotional storytelling to capture your company’s value proposition and improve your overall SEO.

Website Content

Website content completes the user experience, contributes to better SEO, and unifies your brand’s tone and voice. Even though it’s one of the most essential components of your online presence, in many cases, most Edmonton website designers and developers don’t include website content writing in their processes. At Magnolias Consulting, we’re not comfortable with handing over an unfinished website, which is why we include content writing with every website design and build.

SEO Website Content in Edmonton

Search engine optimization relies heavily on content strategies, including keywords and keyword phrases, content length and readability, titles and headers, and many other factors. On top of that, there’s a complex balance between optimized content and engaging content; you need website visitors to find your content through SEO, and then want to do something with it. Magnolias Consulting offers SEO content writing from professional SEO content writers for your website and online marketing, whether we’re building your website or it’s already live and needs a content refresh.

To keep your brand consistent and build trust across your digital platforms, your brand needs an established tone and style. This includes your website, social media, blogs, press releases, and any other web copy you post.

Creative writing helps your website visitors understand why your products and services are important in their lives. People who regularly follow your content will start to feel a personal connection to your brand, rather than just to your company logo. High-quality writing and editing ensure your written content matches the quality of your website design.

Most importantly—content sells. Whether you’re selling a product or service, content will be your most successful sales pitch. It’s critical to think through your content strategy and ask what your consumers would want to see and how you can deliver it through copywriting.

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