Canadian Video Special Effects Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Special Effects

Value Proposition

We leverage talented visual effects artists and technology to provide awe-inspiring VFX to your social, short film, or movie video content.

Special Effects (VFX)

Magnolias VFX is proud to be the choice of companies and artists in Edmonton. We’ve been passionate about visual effects since we started playing around with cameras and editing software as teenagers, and it’s something that still sparks our creativity. Our post-production process helps you create professional video with state-of-the-art color corrections, sound effects, and transition effects.

Industry-Leading VFX Technology

We’re leading the special effects movement by creating new effects through the latest software and computing technology. This is an area of specialization that is constantly changing, which is why we’re not only committed to keeping up, but to being trend-setters.

The Magnolias special effects team helps you envision social media video experiences that go well beyond the standard quality people expect. Instead, viewers are blown away by the creativity and ingenuity, and it creates a more memorable brand experience, setting the bar higher and keeping your brand top of mind.

It all starts with the vision you have for your effects. We’ll imagine virtual assets in collaboration with you and then build the animation and video effects experience to meet that vision. The physical visual effects process includes on-set supervision, the newest video and motion capture equipment, and a comprehensive pre-visualization experience so you know what to expect. After that, we’ll take it back to the studio and use our video editing tools and software to fully optimize your video clips for your audiences.

Our clients come to us with special effects needs that seem impossible and are always surprised when we can deliver. Bring us your most unbelievable VFX needs; our team looks forward to any challenge. We can shoot on location or with our in-studio green screen.

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