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Search Engine Optimization

Value Proposition

We build website authority and trustworthiness through a calculated approach that includes research, data, and developing context on your website.

Increase Organic Rankings

Magnolias Consulting Group helps brands and businesses get the most out of their websites and online presences through search engine optimization (SEO) services. Our optimization services help clients around the world grow their organic website traffic with little to no effort on their part.

It’s important to keep in mind that SEO is not magic. In fact, it’s more like science. Our specialized staff study the algorithms, research keywords, and build authority for your brand URL.

Unlike some digital marketing agencies, our SEO strategies are simple and straightforward. We focus on two segments of SEO philosophy: internal and external.

Internally, we focus on maximizing ranking factors like the internal build of your website and back-end SEO optimization, including making sure website SEO titles, metadescriptions, and keywords strategies are properly implemented for each page. Page load speed is minimized. All search errors are corrected. We will avoid unwarranted duplication and run analytic metrics on what people search for in your market. Then, we track all the changes and improvements in rankings in a way that’s transparent and easy to understand.

Externally, we watch your website’s authority ranked against your competitors. We engage in backlink and anchor strategies that make a difference in how much Google and other search engines trust your site, and therefore, how high they rank you in specific search queries.

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