Email marketing services in Edmonton, Canada.


Email Marketing

Value Proposition

Our email marketing strategies are designed to fully integrate with your marketing plan and connect with multiple mediums for maximum effect.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is anything but dead. It has become a stronger and more used platform than any other form of inbound marketing. One main reason for this popularity is the value of the data it builds for a brand with regard to their audience and customer actions. Another reason email marketing campaigns are widely used is because of their high engagement rates, which tend to remain stable.

With our end-to-end email approach, we combine our internal writers, graphic designers, and content creators to help you implement a comprehensive email marketing campaign. Our Edmonton-based digital marketing team can then learn from each application and separate audience avatar to help deliver more valuable content directly to each of your customers.

It’s important to remember that successful email campaigns are highly value-driven. Email marketing campaigns are not about you or your company; they’re about connecting with your customers by giving them more of what they need. The more we can personalize the email send-outs, the more we can help increase performance of the marketing vertical. This also helps us build out your brand’s email list.

Email helps to increase high-value touchpoints and mimics real-world relationship building in a formal setting. It’s more official than text marketing and is seen as more credible and effective than social media interactions. No matter what you do, it should be a part of your marketing mix.

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