Search Engine Marketing and Google AdWords Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Search Engine Marketing

Value Proposition

We capitalize on digital marketing conversion with a strategic and calculated approach to build your audience and lower your cost per conversion outcomes.

Search Engine Marketing Services

Our paid search engine marketing team helps brands recognize and implement the media strategies that best align with their existing and potential customer avatars. We’ve worked on hundreds of landing pages, Google advertising, pay per click advertising, and other paid search marketing strategies. When aligned with strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing produces excellent combined results.

In many cases online, our customers are learning faster than our marketing departments. This means that strategies that worked six months ago may no longer perform. Our team uses deep analytics and AI to make sure we stay ahead of your audiences and the way they navigate through the digital world, and across screens, platforms, and mediums. Your paid media strategy needs to mirror customer behaviour, shifting with the audience on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis.

SEM Strategies & PPC Management

Our agency consists of marketing practitioners who pride themselves on understanding the full operation of all advertising platforms. Media strategies often succeed based on how well you match native platform content with the audience that is viewing it. Our media division consists of several sub-disciplines, including media research, buying, reporting, analytics, and advertising technology.

As a full-service agency, we have the unique advantage of having in-house content creators and online marketing experts working side-by-side. By having these disciplines under one roof, we’re able to speed up timelines and effectively meet brand vision and business outcomes.

Our transparent approach to platform access differs from our competition. Full metrics of all ads purchased and the resulting data from marketing campaigns, including all rates paid, KPI performance, and industry knowledge is always shared as part of our partnership.

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