Canadian Social Advertising Services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Social Advertising

Value Proposition

We combine creativity, transparency, and analytics to continually improve your investment in online media and advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising department is uniquely positioned to integrate with our in-house creative teams, as well as with clients. Thanks to this flexibility, we’re able to uniquely collaborate with clients to improve the outcome of advertising campaigns across platforms. Our goal is to create a unique social media advertising strategy that generates brand awareness, generates leads, and creates a larger target audience.


We believe in forming a transparent partnership, one where you are fully informed of what is going on with your campaigns. If we modify our approach, we’ll let you know. And you can always get in touch with your team to get creative, discuss the results of your campaigns, or request changes.


Finding the “right” attention of your customer avatars drives our approach. Our team is constantly learning and evaluating from both traditional and digital platforms to determine where your audiences are and the best ways to reach them.


There is no “right” platform for your brand to be on. Speaking frankly, the digital landscape is constantly moving and audiences move with it. Learning from platforms, campaigns, and building audiences help pave the way forward and drive brand equity increases.

Our team understands social media platforms at a deep level. Each day, we follow new trends and updates, including which platforms are leading and which are gaining tractions. We also understand what audiences are looking for on different platforms. If you aren’t sure where to start or where to grow, we’re here to help you with social media setup.

Your Content Design Team

We further strengthen our offering by having our creative and media disciplines under one roof. Together we can plan, research, build and integrate creative with media considerations. A full social media marketing strategy leads to increased results and quicker timelines.

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