Canadian Health and Safety Management system and manual development.


Health and Safety Manuals

Value Proposition

Our team is made up of Canada’s largest health and safety consulting network. We’re designed to help businesses across Canada achieve Health and Safety designations such as Certificate of Recognition (COR) and OHSAS 18001.

What is a Health and Safety Management System?

A health and safety system is a process put in place by an employer to minimize the risk of injury and illness to employees, stakeholders, and customers. The purpose of the system is to ensure that everyone can work within a safe environment and to identify hazards before they happen.

How Can We Help?

Magnolias consultants are all trained in the health and safety standards applicable to a wide variety of industries. From both a legal and ethical standpoint, a Health and Safety Management System is something all businesses should have.

The current competitive business landscape favours businesses that stay ahead of the curve with all of their company systems. To pre-qualify for the public sector or publicly traded companies, it is now virtually a requirement to have some type of documented H&S system. Private companies are not far behind, with many including H&S forms during the qualification process. ISNet World, Comply Works, Avetta, and other compliance software systems are mainly focused on your safety procedures and statistics.

We offer gap analysis and health and safety program creation services to our clients. At the basic end of the scale, we can simply hand over HSE System templates, procedures, and forms (FLRHA, Hazard Assessments, Toolbox Meetings, etc.) However, we have also created the entire systems for clients, from software to procedures to legalities.

We have template documents and have created programs for almost every certification requirement, including COR and OHSAS 18001. Most clients in Canada will require a COR certified program. There are different Certificate of Recognition standards depending on the province your business operates in:

  • Alberta Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manual Safety Systems,
  • BC Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manual Safety Systems,
  • Saskatchewan Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manual Safety Systems,
  • Manitoba Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manual Safety Systems or
  • Ontario Certificate of Recognition (COR) Manual Safety Systems.

If you require services to update your current health and safety manual or to implement a new one (including external audit services), we can quickly consult on what’s required to update your system, providing key support wherever required during the process.

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