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Customer Relationship Management Systems

Complete implementation of the desired CRM software to be implemented seamlessly with all other internal company marketing systems and platforms.

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Learning Management Systems

Helping build both content and the system to help manage a company’s learning and training needs. Integrated with the company’s existing orientation and operating procedures.

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Offline Conversion Setup

Complete offline conversion setup so that brands can be fully aware of the effect of all marketing efforts, both online and offline. All of this is designed to help you manage and understand your audiences better.

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Integrated Marketing Systems

Creating connections between marketing software, including email, text, social, forms, influencers, conversions, and more.

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Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting

Magnolias proprietary brand monitoring software is built to provide deep analytics and comprehensive monitoring and reporting for your brand. Understand what your brand is doing online, how it compares to competitors, and how to improve your content ad spend. What cannot be measured cannot be improved. These plans keep you in the know about your full digital presence.

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Customer Support

We treat all client relationships as partnerships. In today’s digital world, things can change in an instant and we need to be able to support you through any change in the landscape.

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Some of our work and case studies include examples of the services and content we have provided for our clients in Canada and around the world.

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Magnolias provides digital marketing services to clients around the world. View some of the frequently asked questions we receive about our digital and marketing consulting services.